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Benefits Of Reusable Menstrual Cups


Reusable menstrual cups are small, flexible cup which you insert in your vagina when you are having your periods, and when it gets full, you will remove, it wash it and insert it again or used a different cup as you wait for that one to dry. Reusable cups come in different sizes, and so it is upon you to buy the right size for you so that you can have an easier time when you are using them. Unlike the tampons, the reusable cups are very comfortable to use, and if you are sensitive to pads, this is the best option for you. There are so many benefit that you will get when you are using reusable menstrual cups, and in this article, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of reusable menstrual cups at


Menstrual cups are better for your health.

The fact is that for many people the periods come with so much pain, and if you are the kind that always have heavy flows, you will find always very uncomfortable. However, reusable menstrual cups make your periods make more a comfortable time of the month. With the right size of menstrual cups, you feel a reduction of cramps after using a period cup for a few months. Another thing is that with menstrual cups, there's no risk of toxic shock as there are with tampons.


Menstrual cups an environment-friendly.

The fact is that the periods come every month and you will find that an average woman can use three tampons in a day, and so for a normal three days that woman will have used a total of nine tampons, which she will throw at her trash, and it will be talent where the garbage is, and it makes the environment so untidy and unhealthy especially if there are small children playing in the garbage area. On the other hand with the menstrual cups at, you will buy some cup which you will wash after used and you use them during your entire period time. Thus there will be no pollution of environment like with the cups.


Menstrual cups will save you money.

Unlike with buying the tampons every month, you with the reusable menstrual cups are one-off purchase. This means that once you8 buy a menstrual cup you can use it for a number of years.  This will help you to save a lot of money that you could have used in buying new tampons each month. For further details regarding the benefits of reusable menstrual cups, go to